September 14, 2015: New DRFH is out.

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Dis Raps For Hire is a YouTube series created by EpicLLOYD. He takes comments from YouTube and Facebook and turns them into raps about dissing people who have done something to someone else.

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Jerome. The sixteenth episode of DRFH and the sixth episode of Season 2 came out September 14, 2015.
Dis Raps for Hire. Season 2 - Ep

Dis Raps for Hire. Season 2 - Ep. 6

"Dear Mr. Epic Lloyd,

My little sister Sadie has been picked on at school lately. She is a normal kid with a lot of friends but there is this one guy (Jerome) that basically runs the grade. He treats her like she is nothing and calls her a loser a cry baby and a Momma's girl and a lesbian bitch. He pulls her around the play ground by the back of her hood saying "lets go pussy!" It is really hard for her being a 7th grader and all. Most days she comes home crying. Mr. Epic Lloyd, please show this guy he can't pick on girls like that." - Cade Robert

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